Early development of technical and reading skills and/or limited confidence (e.g. Grades 1-2)

Ensemble Guide: Previously little or no experience of playing/singing with others

Lower Intermediate

Emerging confidence both technically and musically (e.g. Grades 3-5+)

Ensemble Guide: Not yet confident playing/singing one-to-a-part or solo work, more comfortable in groups

Upper Intermediate

Well grounded and increasing skills, reading and confidence (e.g. Grades 6-8)

Ensemble Guide: Perhaps first experience of playing/singing one-to-a-part or solo work


Strong playing and reading skills (e.g. recent Grade 8/diploma)

Ensemble Guide: Experienced and confident

Please note that there may be more specific information in the individual course descriptions.  If you are unsure about your standard, please do not hesitate to contact us: our team would be happy to offer guidance.