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"This is proving a great way to learn. Great escapism too!”

"It was wonderful to have this experience during lockdown as it took one out of the problems we are living with into another world."

"A unique way to explore music through technological connectivity. A mix of group activities, warm ups, analysis and individual lessons with an inspirational tutor. A chance to perform too.”

"The online courses are one of the lovely things I've been able to enjoy during these difficult times."

We were thrilled to be able to continue sharing music with you online and providing vital work for our freelance tutors during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Online courses will be here to stay at Benslow Music, whether as stand-alone events or blended residential courses from our Hitchin campus with online elements. These, along with our streamed concerts (www.benslowmusic.org/concerts), will help us to continue expanding and developing our audience reach and inspiring lifelong learning for all ages.

We have welcomed many new course participants to Benslow Music from across the UK and beyond, and from as far as the USA, South America, Africa, Asia, Europe and Australia. The Zoom technology on which we host our online courses is very easy to use and everyone quickly picks this up so don't worry if you are not particularly confident with technology – you can still take part!

We begin all our online courses with a Meet and Greet session to allow you to get used to the Zoom technology and to meet other course members. We feel it is important that we maintain elements of the social “Benslow Bubble” feel in our online offerings, as demonstrated by one participant: 

"It was like having a group of new friends, and I was sorry to leave them. When we were together as a group, as for the morning sessions on Monday-Thursday, you could see the other players and the tutor could unmute individuals so that they could speak (or their dog could!) and this social aspect was a bonus to the amount we learnt about the Fantasias and how they might be played, and baroque style generally."

Check out our full listing of courses at www.benslowmusic.org/courses and contact us at info@benslowmusic.org if you have queries.  Why not give one or more a try, meet new friends and chat with your favourite Benslow tutors!

Don’t forget that we offer discounts for under 27s and bursaries are available to assist attendance on our courses.

"The next best thing to being at Benslow Music in person."

"It provided further impetus to keep practising, in the lonely state of lockdown."

"It is surprising how much you can do and learn online."

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