undefinedEarly Music and Viol Player

Most viol players consider the fantasias written by Jenkins to be amongst the very best of English viol consort music; but they rarely have the opportunity for detailed work on these pieces with a professional viol player who has devoted most of her life to consort playing.

This webinar, for viol players of all sizes, will look in depth at just one of his fantasias. We will study the various themes and their variants, and how Jenkins uses them to structure the piece as a whole; but we will also discuss the technical requirements needed to make our musical choices more effective, including suggestions for bowing and, where needed, some ideas for fingering.

While some thematic phrases will be studied and played by everyone together, we will also look at the parts for each size of viol in key places. All music will be provided and sent out in advance, and, upon request, can be sent out in alternative clefs to allow people who do not read all three to be able to follow each part more easily.

This webinar is suitable for intermediate players or above; but less experienced players are also welcome to join: at least following the musical and technical discussion, but also playing whatever parts they can manage. Viols should be tuned to A=415.

The resources include a recording of one 90 mins webinar delivered in April 2021 and supplementary materials/handouts.

Price: £15 (Code 21/E03)