undefinedEarly Music and Viol Player

Almost every piece of viol consort music includes dotted notes, in many different contexts, and at all sort of speeds. Having a viol bow in your hand makes the playing of dotted notes much harder than one might think!

This workshop for viol players is all about how to play dotted notes, depending on the musical situation and style. We will look at several short extracts drawn from the standard English consort repertoire, including some early pieces by Mundy, Gibbons, Byrd, Ferrabosco I and Tye, and then some later examples of music by Ward, Jenkins and Purcell.

For some examples we will all play in unison (or octaves), and music will be provided in three clefs. 

For others you will be able to choose whichever line(s) of the score suits your instrument, and we will discuss the bowing needs of each part.

The resources include a recording of one 90 mins webinar delivered in January 2021, supplementary materials/handouts and is suitable for lower intermediate players and above.

Price: £15 (Code 21/E01)