Musicians of the nineteenth century were just as likely to make music at home with their closest friends and colleagues as they were to attend (or indeed participate in!) public concerts. This course opens a door into the world of private music-making in the life of Johannes Brahms and his many professional and amateur musical acquaintances. Discover the story behind the famous Wiegenlied and the family for which it was written, as we explore the challenges and rewards of writing for domestic performance, and how such music might also find its way into the concert hall. Meet the many talented music-makers from Brahms' circle, from familiar names such as Clara Schumann and Pauline Viardot, to lesser-known contemporary composers including Heinrich von Herzogenberg and Hans Huber, and other great figures of Austro-German cultural life. Brahms specialist Katy Hamilton leads this journey into the chamber music of the composer's lifetime, full of familiar favourites and surprising new discoveries.

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