In this one day workshop inspired by the Feldenkrais Method you will explore how your current habits may be affecting your ease and enjoyment when you play. You will have the opportunity to develop a dynamic balance in sitting or standing which can support and liberate your relationship to your instrument. You will go on to explore how you use your arms and open up pathways to easier movement which can liberate your potential to express yourself through your playing. You will relate easier movement of the arms to what you have learnt about dynamic balance in sitting or standing. This will be a relaxed, non judgmental, explorative workshop. We will lead you through gentle and easy movement sequences which are designed to increase your awareness of unconscious habits and open up fresh possibilities for change and improvement. The Feldenkrais Method uses movement to change the brain, to refresh our self image, to help us learn and improve, and to discover our full potential. Experienced performers, teachers, and Guild certified Feldenkrais Practitioners, Josephine Horder and Yeu Meng Chan are dedicated to improving all aspects of music making and performance.

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Fee: £75 Code: 19/110