Working with the parody mass Vinum bonum alongside its original motet will form the backbone of this course. The focus of the week will be a performance of the complete mass with voices supported by cornetts, sackbuts, shawms, recorders and stringed instruments. Movements of the mass will be interspersed with contemporary pieces by, in particular, Lassus’ good friend Andrea Gabrieli alongside other Venice-based composers Giovanni Gabrieli and Giovanni Battista Grillo. We'll also have the opportunity to celebrate the anniversary of Schütz's amazing Psalms of David (published in 1619). Subject to attendance and numbers we shall also keep the door open to German composers Johann Schein and Samuel Scheidt. Further performance opportunities for instrumentalists and singers will include a look into the division repertoire of, for example, Bassano and dalla Casa and time spent in the study of original sources through facsimiles.

We are delighted to welcome Rogers Covey-Crump to Benslow Music as part of our 90th anniversary celebrations. Rogers spent three decades as a core member of The Hilliard Ensemble, a male-voice quartet known globally for its performances and recordings of early music, and which also commissioned works from living composers and made the first recordings of the vocal works of Arvo Pärt.  He will be joined by Jeremy West, an evangelist for the cornett and founder member of His Majesty's Sagbutts and Cornetts – the leading ensemble of its kind – and by David Ireson, who sang in the Schütz Choir for Roger Norrington and the Monteverdi Choir. David currently directs the the Hardynge Choir and the Fayrfax Consort.

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