Mark Fitz-Gerald returns in 2019 for another instalment of the Light Orchestra. Mark brings with him a wealth of expertise, having been at the helm for many major orchestras and in major opera theatres all over the world. He has made a speciality of the orchestral accompaniment of silent films and has recently conducted the world premiere recording of his own reconstruction of Shostakovich’s film score Ovod (The Gadfly). Mark particularly enjoys exploring the rich repertoire of light music, and encourages participants to suggest their own favourites. He will also bring an extensive library of his own. We are looking for a balanced team of string, brass, wind and percussion players, who should be of at least intermediate standard.

There is an endless amount of excellent Light music turning up for us to explore this year. Some of the new discoveries will include: Percy Fletcher 'Bal Masque', Ken Warner 'Scrub, Brother Scrub', John Belton 'Dance of the Seven Sausages', Jack Coles 'Dude Ranch', 'The Dream of Olwen' (a mini piano concerto), plus less known (and very worth while) works by Frederic Curzon, E. German, E. Coates and Ketelbey (the complete 'Cockney Suite'). For the first time we have the complete material to accompany the Silent film 'Marie Antoinette' (1904) with music by Herman Fink (the first known film score composed in 1903). Only two copies of the film have survived. We will be using a DVD copy from the Australian National Film Archive, Canbera. An experience not to be missed!

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