A weekend course focusing solely on the bass clarinet. There will be a bass clarinet choir that includes all, and small ensembles – quartets and trios. There will be an opportunity to play a solo, either unaccompanied or with piano (repertoire suggestions provided if you wish). Participants should have reasonable competence and confidence on the bass clarinet (sorry, no beginners), and there could be the odd challenge. There just may be a little bass clef to tackle, plus some (intentional, we hope) high notes floating around. Whilst low C instruments would be very nice indeed, we would not dream of excluding shorter colleagues. The tutors will give a short recital during the course, and look forward to sharing their bass knowledge with you in a relaxed but intensive weekend. The course ends with an informal play through of the weekend’s work. All repertoire will be supplied for preparation prior to the course.

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Resident: £280 Non-Resident: £205 Code: 19/233