With her many years of experience, Barbara Alden enables singers of all levels to address problems of tired, tense, undeveloped or unsteady voices. She helps to correct the habits that can interfere with free-flowing, natural singing, using breathing, posture, articulation and resonance exercises. This is essentially a vocal technique, rather than a repertoire course, but there will be some simple ensemble singing to begin applying new-found skills. Please be sure to wear loose, comfortable clothing and bring a small hand mirror and a mat or old towel to lie on - some posture and breathing exercises are easier to do on the floor (but not essential for those who prefer not to). This course is for anyone wishing to revive, strengthen or simply awaken their voice, and gain more confidence to sing with ease. It is suitable for all standards, both experienced and inexperienced singers - there’s always room for improvement!

Resident: £280 Non-Resident: £205 Code: 19/231