The Benslow Lutefest, organised in association with the Lute Society, gives lutenists of all standards the opportunity to explore the treasures of the lute and lute-in ensemble repertoire. We also welcome singers, renaissance flautists, recorder players and viols to help with lute songs, broken consorts and four-voice ayres with lutes (this year's ayre composer: John Bartlett, plus Dowland's psalms for Sir Henry Noel). There will be ensemble and solo work, with individual teaching offered where appropriate and possible. Needless to say we can also more or less guarantee some ad hoc late night madrigal singing in the bar. Included in the course fee is a ticket to Jacob and Lynda's recital on Friday 22 March and we are again offering the opportunity to extend the experience with an optional early arrival.

Resident: £290 Non-Resident: £215 Code: 19/226