This course is designed as a continuation of the Introduction to String Chamber Music course held earlier in the year. It is for those string players who may lack confidence in playing a single line in small ensembles, or for those who don't have the opportunity to play in ensembles with others of similar ability. Nic and Jenny will direct the course in such a way as to encourage participants to feel confident taking responsibility for their own part. The music will be carefully chosen to explore different styles and techniques of playing chamber music and participants will be sent the music prior to the start of the course. As with the Introduction to Chamber Music we will start by all playing together as a big group to familiarise everyone with the music. Then as confidence grows we will split up into smaller groups which will be coached individually. Nic and Jenny aim to give all participants practical guidance in the art of playing chamber music and above all the confidence to play and enjoy this unique musical experience.

Resident: £280 Non-Resident: £205 Code: 19/250