Christopher Gayford

Benslow Music Book Club is a book club with a difference. It’s designed to give you an opportunity to engage with a book in the company of its author. Spread across four sessions, you'll get to discuss Chris Gayford’s novel about music, art and perception, sharing your thoughts with him and your fellow members and influencing the course of his current writing. ‘Genius’ is ostensibly addressed to young adults, but like Jostein Gaarder’s ‘Sophie's World’, takes a complex area of thought and unfolds it to a general audience.

The novel is based on research Gayford undertook with music psychologists, Professors John Sloboda and Jane Ginsborg, and leads the characters deep into the psychology of perception. The story of the research is propelled by the discovery of a letter, written in the 1820s. The two young protagonists who stumble upon it can’t resist the temptation of following a trail hinted at in the letter, and quickly find themselves hunting something that other, more malevolent characters have been seeking for nearly two hundred years.

Chris Gayford is a conductor and researcher who has worked with many of the UK’s leading orchestras, opera companies and conservatoires. He has spent more than half his career trying to understand how to make the vast cultural wealth stored in the concert halls and galleries of the world accessible to the broadest possible audience.

Tickets £15 per person per session (Special Price: £50 per person for all four sessions).

The session begins with a substantial buffet lunch. Please call 01462 459446 to book.

Electronic copies of the book will be shared in advance.