Our Baroque Opera Project returns in 2018 with Rameau’s Les Indes Galantes. We are delighted to welcome Dr Ricardo Barros, a specialist in historical acting and Baroque dance, for this production, which will feature scenes from this colourful and vibrant work (complete with an earthquake and volcanic eruption!) - this year we will perform Entrée I - Le turc généreux (The Generous Turk) and Entrée II - Les incas du Pérou (The Incas of Peru). Our team of tutors is led by the musical duo of Oliver-John Ruthven and Judy Tarling, with Henrik Persson providing the all-important continuo tuition, and Andrew Radley, our vocal coach. We are seeking competent Baroque players with period instruments at A=415 (flutes, oboes, bassoons, trumpet, strings and continuo) and choral singers who are able to learn their lines before the course, and in early 2018 we will be auditioning singers – who must be of a professional standard – for the solo roles. The course begins at 4pm on the Monday and will culminate with a semi-staged performance in French in front of a public audience on the evening of Saturday 14 April.

Resident: £665 Non-Resident: £525 Code: 18/601