In this new three night course, singers will get the opportunity to explore operatic repertoire by G. F. Handel, widely acknowledged as one of the greatest musical dramatists of all time. The unique holistic approach of the course will address most performing aspects, including vocal production and technique, historical context, period acting styles, and role preparation. Participants are asked to bring one Handel aria of their choice, and will be assigned another one by the tutors to prepare in advance and work on during the course. There will also be opportunities to work on duets and other ensembles. On the last day there will be an informal concert. In addition to individual vocal lessons and coaching, there will be workshops on historical acting and gesture, body awareness classes, and lectures by visiting world-renowned Handel experts. We will also examine the wider historical and social context of the arias chosen, and work on techniques for preparing a Handelian role, including effective practice, research and character exploration.

Resident: £400 Non-Resident: £305 Code: 17/355