Having celebrated Purcell and Blow in the last three years, we return to Monteverdi, with whose madrigals we launched this course. We will explore his sacred music, concentrating on pieces from his great collection of 1640-41, ‘Selva morale e spirituale’ which represents the finest flowers of his compositions for Saint Mark's, Venice. We will work on Magnificat I a 8 voce, Laudate Dominum Omnes Gentes, Beatus Vir and Dixit Dominus. These pieces are scored for two violins, with strings or trombones in the lower parts: where we will be using violas, viols or sackbuts. We have places for 2 or more violins, 2 or 3 violas or tenor viols or sackbuts, 2 celli, bass violins or bass viols, 1 violone (16ft), 2 harpsichords and/or organ, and chitarrone. We will perform at A=440. There will be opportunities for the choir to explore the Messa a quattro voci da cappella from the same collection as well as trios/duets/solos with continuo, and there is a feast of Venetian instrumental music for the players to enjoy. Both singers and players need to be strong sight-readers.

Resident: £400 Non-Resident: £305 Code: 17/345