Led by Ricardo Barros (Mercurius Company and chairman of the European Association of Dance Historians), this course, now in its second year, is aimed at keen Baroque dancers and will focus on the wonderful repertoire of English Restoration music and dance, with focus on Purcell and Locke. Participants will have the opportunity to develop technique and expression on newly choreographed theatrical dances and on the Wednesday we will be focussing on the playful country dances of John Playford (mostly set to music by Purcell). You will have the chance to discover how Baroque steps can be used to enrich these group dances and should amateur Playford dancers and musicians wish to join us for the one day only, we can happily discuss this. We also hope for collaboration with the concurrent Baroque chamber music and madrigal courses in the evenings.

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Resident: £400 Non-Resident: £305 Code: 17/340