In this new day course, David Bailey and Ann Salmon introduce students to dancing Argentine Tango, with a heavy emphasis on musicality, finishing with improvised dancing to live music. Starting with the basics, we will focus on the core Argentine Tango embrace, connection and steps to allow you and your partner to move as one to the music. We will then focus on Tango Musicality and Adornos, expanding your repertoire of movements and allowing you to expand your musicality, using stylistic decorations to express the melody and rhythm within tango music. Finally, we will combine with the students of the "Tango Technique and Style" music course run by Caroline Pearsall from the London Tango Orchestra. We will demonstrate and teach you how to dance in an improvised way to live music, to obtain a sense of the authentic Argentine Tango atmosphere and feeling embedded in this stylish and sensual dance form. The course is open to everyone, especially those with no experience, and it's open to couples and individuals.

Fee: £75 Code: 17/TD1