Caroline Pearsall has been working as a professional tango violinist for the past 12 years, touring all over the world with various tango groups and shows, and currently runs the London Tango Orchestra. This course will show you some of the unusual instrumental techniques used in tango playing as well as introducing you to some of the most famous orchestral styles. There will be some pieces by Astor Piazzolla and you will discover more about where he came from and the kind of interpretive freedom needed to fill his music with tango soul straight from Buenos Aires! All the music is arranged and written out but there is a large part of oral tradition in tango music, just as in jazz, which can't be captured on a page. We’re looking for strings, flute, piano, bass and bandoneons (or accordions) to recreate the sound of a typical tango orchestra. The arrangements can be made to cater to all levels so if you fancy a bit of tango don't hesitate to join us, whatever your level.

Resident: £280 Non-Resident: £205 Code: 17/267