String Quartets Plus with the Bingham

Fri 30 May - Sun 1 Jun or
Fri 30 May - Mon 2 Jun
Tutors: Members of the Bingham Quartet and Nigel Clayton


Resident: £270.00 Non-resident: £220.00 Code: 14/247
(weekend only)

Resident: £380.00 Non-resident: £305.00 Code: 14/325
(extended weekend option)

The Bingham Quartet and pianist Nigel Clayton offer a exciting weekend of ensemble tutoring, plenary workshops and open discussions and, very likely, another of this course’s famous quizzes to string or string and piano chamber groups. The course fee includes admission to the public concert which the tutorartists give on Friday 30 May at 8 pm. Please note that one member of each pre-formed group should reserve places and pay deposits for the entire ensemble even when not all the personnel are known.