Nic Fallowfield and his Tedesca colleagues Jenny Curtis, Richard Muncey and Clare Bhabra, once again bring their innovative approach to Group Quartets, sitting and playing within the group and approaching everything as large-scale chamber music. Individual responsibility and initiative are encouraged, as is discussion on musical issues, rehearsal techniques and so on. This is emphatically NOT a string orchestra! This time we will be working on two works:Beethoven’s String Quartet No 7 in F major, Op 59 No 1 and Dvorak's Cypresses Nos 1, 7 and 11. On Wednesday 13 June the Tedesca Quartet will give a recital which includes the Beethoven and entry is free to course members. As usual, we ask you to bring your own parts and to number the bars before you come. The first complete bar counts as bar 1 and ‘first time only’ bars at the end of repeated sections should not be taken into account in your calculations.

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