Music from Home and Abroad

Many of the most important sources of English viol music also contain pieces by composers from continental Europe, some of whom visited England, but also many more who were known here only by their motets, chansons and madrigals. These pieces were often transcribed in English manuscripts without their original texts, and so make ideal repertory for the consort of viols. This programme explores the wealth of continental music known in Elizabethan and Jacobean England, rubbing shoulders with pieces by native composers.

William Byrd (c1543-1623): Fantasia 1 a6

Anon.: Si grand’e la pieta a6                                      

Alfonso Ferrabosco senior (1543-1588): Fantasia Alfoncius a6                                    

Claudin de Sermisy arr. Pierre Certon: Contentes vous                                                

John Taverner (c1490-1545): Quaemadmodum a6                                       

Sermisy arr. Antonio Gardane: Ayez pite du grand mal                                   

Christopher Tye (c1505-1572): In nomine a6                                                   

Ferrabosco: Duo Alphonso                                                  

Philip Van Wilder (c1500-1553): Arousez vo violette a6                                    

Josquin des Pres (c1450-1521): Domine ne in furore a4                                  

Robert Parsons (c1535-1572): The song called trumpets a6                          

Nicolas Gombert (c1495-c1560) or Van Wilder: Vidi civitatem a6                                             

Orlande de Lassus (1532-1594): Ubi est Abel a5                                               

Thomas Tallis (c1505-1585): Salvator mundi a5                                           

Byrd: Fantasia 3 a6                                        

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