A wonderful opportunity to enjoy and share your love for the sound of the Big Band. We’ll cover a wide range of repertoire under the expert guidance of Paul Eshelby, trumpeter with the BBC Big Band, who has played with everyone from Ella Fitzgerald to Phil Collins via Shirley Bassey. We’re looking for saxophone, trumpet, trombone, piano, guitar, bass and drum players of at least Grade 6 standard, and we’ll be working alongside the Big Band Singing Summer School (piano and bass players should be able to read music and chord symbols). We begin at 6.30pm on the first day and finish after breakfast on the final day. Entry to the A Night of Jazz concert on Thursday 25 July is included in the course fee.

Resident: £585 Non-Resident: £460 Code: 19/502

What previous participants say (2018):

If you are passionate about Big Band music and are up for a musical workout then this course is for you.

Intensive big band playing for enthusiastic players of this style of music. You get to play a large number of pieces over the 4 days.

Hard work and concentrated effort needed but very worthwhile. Raises one's game as a player. Fairly friendly within and between sections. Usually possible to swap parts for some pieces. Good social atmosphere with a lot of mixing up.

An excellent and well balanced big band workout.

Exciting, fun, challenging and very worthwhile.

Hard work and good fun with friendly people.

Gruelling, but well worth it if you are a committed jazz/ big band enthusiast. This is not for the faint hearted, but I love it!

Like being on a cruise with music played in between eating and sleeping. Guaranteed to send you home exhausted, heavier and on a musical high.

Hard-working involvement in big band playing.