A baroque trio sonata course offered to both pre-formed groups as well as individual players who will be put into groups of a similar standard (grade 6 and above please). Every session will be different with an exciting new piece and/or a new group. There will be a short informal concert given by the tutors on the Monday evening, followed by drinks in the bar to help everyone get to know each other. Each group will be proactively coached by every tutor during the course on works students may bring themselves, as well as music provided by the tutors, but repertoire will depend upon what players and instruments there are. Technical and musical aspects will be looked at in works by composers such as Telemann, Schickhardt, Loeillet, Scarlatti, Sammartini, Bach, Purcell & others. We will be playing at A = 415Hz on period instruments.

Resident: £280 Non-Resident: £205 Code: 17/271